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When Submersible Pumps are Necessary for Water Removal in Cobert

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment drying floor We made flood cuts and removed the flooring to dry the structure. Our team is trained to handle any water damage event.

How Submersible Pumps Influence Recovery in Colbert Homes 

Finding the best possible solution for the removal of standing water in your Colbert home is a priority of our experienced professionals. We have a fast response to water loss emergencies. Our team arrives at your property with all of the equipment, products, and personnel necessary to mitigate your losses and begin recovering compromised flooring, walls, and other damaged elements. Water removal can be a unique challenge, primarily because of the limited timetable before construction materials become too severely damaged to protect. 

The ideal solution for water removal in Colbert homes depends exclusively on the location of these damages and the severity of the damage. Extraction wands, for example, would better suit situations where standing water is less than a couple of inches high. Any more than this, and you would want to utilize one of the most versatile and heavily utilized tools in the recovery arsenal of any SERVPRO technician: the submersible pump. 

While these units can come in multiple sizes and strengths, a small and portable option leaves the ability to quickly discharge standing water without taking up considerable space in the home or property. Submersible units get directly attached to discharge hoses, allowing our SERVPRO team to redirect the water as needed to drain outside the house. We follow strict guidelines about this extraction and discharge, especially in situations where the water could have become contaminated by a foreign substance or debris.

Because these units require electricity to function, we often must develop a strategy that keeps these machines powered throughout all types of loss incidents. In many water emergencies, the power can become severed, and operations get supported by the installation of a portable generator. Between our smaller units and trailered generators, we can offer real-time support for disasters of all sizes. 

You might not always think you need professional restoration services after water loss incidents, but our SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane team can help you however you need. From extraction to full-scale drying and reinstallation, you can count on our team. Give us a call 24/7 at (509) 474-9144. 

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Did the Recent Storm Damage Put Your Family in Danger of Being Scammed?

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

yellow warning sign with red exclamation point and SCAM ALERT Home restoration scams become frequent after storm damage. Be careful when selecting a contractor. SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane is always on call!

Beware of Fraudulent Restoration After Spokane Storm Damage 

Severe storm systems are nothing new to Spokane residents, many of which have dealt with multiple destructive storms. Most property owners have added additional coverage options with their insurance provider in the off chance that more devastating storm systems might come again in the future. The work required to return your property to the preloss condition must still begin quickly. Many turned to our SERVPRO team's experience and fast response over the years, but there are just as many who have sought out benefits of low price shopping. 

With how extensive storm damage in Spokane properties can be, you need a team with the knowledge and experience to help right away. Structural threats exist that can result in injuries or costlier repairs.  These same storms can also bring about flooding and loss events that make it impossible to remain in your house. The only solution is rapid restoration and recovery options that exist. While our SERVPRO team has involved training and experience to back up our reputation, you should be aware of deals that sound too good to be true. 

There are a series of “businesses” that tend to crop up immediately following widespread storm damages across Spokane. While many homeowners seek out the reputable companies with positive online reviews like our SERVPRO professionals, others can fall into the allure of a cheap flat rate and promises of getting you back into your home more quickly than you thought possible. 

The idea behind these short-term businesses is to get as much upfront payments as possible and then vanish. No work ever gets completed on your property, and you are out a portion of the total restoration cost estimated when these con artists first arrived at your house. Our professionals never ask for upfront payments, even a small portion of the total restoration costs. Never pay for work that is not happening. 

We understand that you might not choose our SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane team when storm damages occur to your property, but we never want to see one of our neighbors fall into these unfortunate scams that take place when things seem the bleakest. No matter what we can do to help after a storm, never hesitate to call us at (509) 474-9144.

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We Discuss How To Eradicate Odors After A Fire In Your Chattaroy Residence

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

We can remove the odor to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How To Eradicate Odors Resulting From Fire Damage In Your Chattaroy Residence

Fires are petrifying because they create dangerous situations and cause extensive damage to property. After extinguishing a fire and you ensure everybody is safe, you face a difficult and long road of getting your home back to its pre-damaged condition. The by-products of combustion, such as soot and smoke, can cause discoloration of various materials and surfaces in your home.

If your Chattaroy home has fire damage, it is vital to act quickly to remove the residues and smoke odors. Both small and large house fires can leave lingering smoke scents in your home for days, weeks, or months.  When a fire occurs, smoke usually spreads throughout the house, getting absorbed into different materials such as carpets, curtains, furniture, walls, and clothing.  Some things you can do to eliminate the smells include:

    •    Opening all the windows for proper ventilation.
    •    Vacuuming visible soot using a vacuum cleaner.
    •    Washing fabrics such as bedspreads, upholstery, and carpets.
    •    Cleaning the tile or wood floors using a cotton mop.
    •    Cleaning visible soot from ceilings and walls using a sponge soaked in rubbing alcohol or paint thinner.

Smoke odors may still linger even after taking the above steps. To eliminate the odors, you can enlist the professional odor removal that SERVPRO offers. Our technicians are well trained in cleaning up affected contents and structures and removing smoke odors.

Soot contains acids and chemicals that destroy fabrics. We can use heavy-duty vacuums to get rid of all the soot from walls and floors to prevent further structural damage and staining. To deodorize a home successfully, we combine multiple techniques. It is not realistic to identify all the sources of odors and determine specific methods for counteracting each source.

Odor removal is not the same as odor control. The initial step of any odor is removing the source of the scent. The second step is cleaning the area of any odor-causing residues. After cleaning, we can use air scrubbers to eliminate odor molecules from the indoor air. Our SERVPRO technicians can also use thermal foggers to remove odors. Thermal fogging dispenses solvent-based deodorants into the air. Since the deodorant solutions pass through a heated area, they combust, and this breaks them down into minute particles. The particles can go anywhere the odor-causing particles are and neutralize them by transforming their chemical composition. Dry fogs penetrate and deodorize fast because of the small particle size. After the fogging procedure, our technicians ventilate the treated areas.

When you need deodorization services after a fire damages your home, call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane at (509) 474-9144 any time for help. We can remove the odor to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Spokane Commercial Warehouses Benefit from SERVPRO's Rapid Response for Water Removal and Restoration

8/8/2019 (Permalink)

From Flames to Floods--The SERVPRO Green Fleet--Restores Commercial and Residential Properties in the Spokane Area

Getting Your Concrete Facility Dry Post-Fire Requires Commercial Water Removal Services in Spokane

Businesses in Spokane often store their off-season inventory and goods in a warehouse. Emergencies involving such buildings can and do happen. When the structure consists mainly of concrete, cleaning up involves more than removing the ruined inventory. Business owners must take additional steps to ensure that merchandise stored there in the future does not become damaged.

Comprehensive Restoration Services
Full mitigation of your warehouse in Spokane for commercial water removal is part of the fire damaging service.Extinguishing a fire not only forces thousands of gallons into a confined space but it also dramatically increases the water vapor in that structure. A few fans, mops and buckets, and some squeegees cannot remove sufficient moisture from a saturated warehouse.

SERVPRO's water removal specialists receive intensive training and then earn recognition from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our ASD applied structural drying technicians understand the complexities of your facility's situation. Water vapor, as well as moisture trapped inside the concrete blocks, create the perfect environment for a massive surge in microbial growth. Soot from the fire, mixed with steam, ends up soiling windows and other surfaces.

Moisture Removal with strong air circulation
We pull large box fans out of our Green Fleet trucks so we can force the moisture out of the concrete walls. Desiccant machines collect the water vapor from the air as it passes through. To raise the amount of moisture the air can hold, we also unload heaters and start using these. When the air temperature rises, it can become more saturated. We want this to happen, so the moisture content of walls and other structures steadily decreases.

Odors are also an issue in restoration
As the amount of moisture decreases lowering the RH relative humidity, other team members work on cleaning up your warehouse. We remove soot and other soiling from surfaces, apply protective chemicals that prevent damage from microbes, and also use situation-specific deodorization methods. These all help keep your future merchandise from suffering damage, including absorbing unpleasant odors.

For all of the issues, your warehouse in Colbert, Chattaroy, or Spokane Valley faces, call the water removal experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane. Our 24-hour emergency services line, (509) 474-9144, is always answered to ensure We're Always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

When Water Heaters Cause a 'Hot Mess' of Water Damage in Your Spokane Home

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to dry the damage caused from water heater leaks.

Water Removal Spokane – Leaking Water Heater

It sits in a dark corner of your basement, forgotten until there is no hot water or begins to leak water all over your basement. The first indication that there might be a problem with your water heater could be brown colored water in the tub, or you step into several inches of water in your basement. A leaking water heater can leak hundreds of gallons of water in a short timeframe, damaging flooring, furniture and anything lying on the floor.

The first step that SERVPRO focuses on is water removal in your Spokane home. Removing the water quickly and stopping the source of the water can reduce the amount of overall damage quickly. Before you enter the basement, with water on the floor, make sure that it is safe to set foot in the water. Electrical short circuits can make for an unsafe environment.

Many homeowners try to tackle the water removal process on their own before realizing that help is needed to remove the water, dry their basement, and recover their furniture and flooring. Steps that homeowners should consider are:

  • Make certain that it is safe to enter the basement.
  • Shut the water off to stop continued leaking from the water heater.
  • Use a sump pump to begin removing the water.
  • Support all furniture by placing pads under the legs.
  • Remove for later drying all fabrics such as pillows, clothes, and toys.
  • Turn on the AC to help in drying the basement and removing moisture.
  • A dehumidifier can also be placed in the basement to help remove moisture.

Many homeowners are worried about the formation of mold when there is water in their basement. It is essential to dry your home quickly to avoid any possibility of mold due to prolonged wet or damp conditions. SERVPRO has the equipment needed to dry your home and its contents immediately. We also can dry fabrics and important papers that are needed for legal reasons or are sentimental.

In some water events, the flooring needs replacing due to damage. SERVPRO can also assist with all of your restoration needs. We provide all of the documentation needed to support insurance claims as well.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane at (509) 474-9144 for 24/7 service. We serve Colbert, Chattaroy, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area.

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Flood Damage in Chattaroy? Leave It to SERVPRO for Restoration

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Happiness Is a SERVPRO Vehicle Parked in Your Chattaroy Driveway after a Flood--Already Restoration Underway!

What Challenges You Might Face after Flood Damage in Your Chattaroy Home

Flooding leads to severe damages, especially when it is the result of a severe weather event such as a storm. Apart from the water pooling on the floors of your house, structural damages are also likely to occur. Strong winds or heavy debris such as fallen tree branches can puncture holes in your structure. These and other challenges make it harder to deal with the damages left by flooding in Chattaroy. Professional flood damage restorers help because of the extensive experience they have dealing with similar incidents.

Areas affected by flood damage in your Chattaroy home are likely to be murky because of the silt, mud and other soils dissolved in the floodwaters. It is a serious challenge because the contaminants pose health risks to anyone that touches them, yet removing the debris and cleaning the affected areas is a crucial aspect of the restoration process. PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, is the answer to this challenge because they allow restorers to wade into the murk immediately. Our SERVPRO crews rely on a wide range of protective gear including full body suits, rubber boots, respirators, gloves, and other equipment allowing us to handle all murky situations conveniently.

Flooding causes various damages to the building materials and contents in a house. Determining what to dispose and what to save can be challenging. Disposal is necessary for heavily porous materials such as carpets exposed to groundwater even when there are no other physical damages because of contamination risks. A thorough cleaning helps save other non-porous items. Our SERVPRO team includes CCT, Carpet Cleaning Technicians, and RRRP, Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation experts who handle the cleanup and restoration necessary with ease.

Removing all water from a flooded property is a challenging task requiring different approaches to restore it to the preloss conditions. After extracting any standing water, there is a need to dry wet materials and restore normal humidity levels. Our SERVPRO team uses air movers and dehumidifiers dry wet materials and restore normal humidity levels.

You can deal efficiently with any issues arising after your Colbert, Chattaroy and Spokane Valley property floods by involving a professional team. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane to assist. You can reach us at (509) 474-9144 any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Mold Damage Experts Can Save Your Spokane Shop!

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

In case of a mold infestation in your Colbert, Chattaroy or Spokane Valley clothes shop, call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane to help.

Managing Commercial Mold Damage In A Spokane Clothes Shop

Mold development in any property poses a severe threat. Some cases of mold infestation do not exhibit the usual physical signs associated with mold proliferation such as black spots or other patches on different materials. However, this does not necessarily indicate a less severe infestation. Mold tends to develop faster in concealed spaces and failure to take corrective measures early can give it time to spread. In a clothes shop, the risk is not just to the building materials but also the clothing items in your stock since mold thrives on any organic materials.

Even without any visible signs of mold, other things can alert you if there is commercial mold damage in your Spokane clothes shop. Presence of a musty odor is the most likely sign indicating hidden mold colonies within your shop. Alternatively, recent or ongoing water loss incidents such as roof leaks, burst pipes, or flooding can also lead to mold development, necessitating investigation. Our SERVPRO teams can help confirm your suspicion and locate the hidden mold pockets by opening up cavities or using thermal cameras to check for wetness in concealed areas.

Some areas in your shop are likely to be hotspots for mold development. Areas around windowsills, and sinks if there is a wash area around, are likely to be sources of mold infestation. Dark storage rooms and closets are also likely to hide mold infestations. We have IICRC certified AMRT, Applied Mold Remediation Technicians, at SERVPRO who understand common patterns associated with mold infestations and therefore able to identify hidden colonies quickly.

Identifying hidden mold colonies paves the way for remediation to start. The process itself may require several steps before realizing the expected results. Tearing down drywall, ceilings and other materials ease access to concealed areas. However, in a clothes shop, this might present other problems such as spores and other debris spreading over your stock. Our SERVPRO technicians help prevent this by creating containments using plastic sheets. This allows us to take other steps such as vacuuming and damp wiping to remove the mold colonies without facing any problems.

In case of a mold infestation in your Colbert, Chattaroy or Spokane Valley clothes shop, call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane to help. You can reach us at (509) 474-9144 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Your Best Option To Restore Your Fire Damaged Home In Chattaroy

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call today at (509) 474-9144.

Working With Insurance For Efficient Fire Recovery In Chattaroy

Most of the work that must happen after structure fires in Chattaroy relies on either out-of-pocket expense from the homeowner or through the damage claims approval process of a home insurance company providing coverage to the property. With so many homeowners unfamiliar with the claims and how to successfully file one to get it approved, you need a professional restoration company not only well-equipped to handle the effects the fire causes in the property, but also one that can help you through the often intricate and involved claim approval path.

For many years now, property owners have looked to our SERVPRO team for their experience with addressing fire damage in Chattaroy and helping properties through the claims process. We know what insurance companies need and want when you go to file, and that is what makes reaching out to our team first a wise and cost-effective solution. We can work to prepare what your insurance adjuster needs to confirm the damage beforehand, speeding up the overall approval process, and getting work started in your home quickly.

Our SERVPRO professionals have an entire assessment team led by our estimator and project management staff. These individuals can walk through a property with the customer if it is safe to do so and begin cataloging all of the loss and damage. Also, determinations get made at this point as to what personnel and equipment are necessary to restore the property entirely – and this becomes part of the estimated costs of restoration and recovery.

Insurance companies require documentation of this damage as well as an accurate catalog of content loss. Our contents department can not only make a record of these losses and damages but also remove compromised belongings and at-risk items to our facility during the debris removal phase of mitigation. There we can thoroughly clean, disinfect, and store these items until the house gets restored and they can get returned.

We have strong working relationships with insurance companies serving homes and businesses throughout our region. When you want to get your home restored quickly after fire loss effects, trust our SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane team to work quickly to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (509) 474-9144.

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Small Amount of Flood Damage in Spokane Requires Big Odor Control

6/16/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage can get anywhere in your home.

SERVPRO helped with this homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Flood damage is one of the worst events a homeowner can experience. This type of water loss carries a rating as a biohazard; groundwater has the potential to contain contaminants and requires professional cleaning for health and safety reasons.

A homeowner contacted our SERVPRO location to clean up some minor flood damage in their Spokane home from recent heavy storms. The homeowner attempted to mop up the water and found it was not enough needed stronger cleaning efforts. He also noticed a strong odor developed in the kitchen area where the water collected.

We immediately scoped the area to determine that areas where the water migrated in the affected area of the home. Our technicians located water under the cabinets and behind the baseboards. We removed the baseboards for better access and used our extractor wands to pull out as much moisture as possible.

There were few items to remove from the kitchen area during our remediation. We moved the table and chairs to another area of the home for a thorough cleaning and disinfection before being used again for meals.

We then set up air movers to dry the area as quickly as possible. Drying often brings down the odor in water damaged areas, and we deploy specialized equipment such as the Injecti-Dry that uses small hoses to force air into small spaces such as behind baseboards or within wall cavities to ensure there are no remaining pockets of moisture that can set up a home for mold growth problems in the future. We take several readings during the drying process to ensure we attain our predetermined drying goals for the water loss areas.

The odor left behind by the groundwater intrusion into the room lowered after drying and disinfection even though minimal, required further odor control efforts. It is not uncommon for multiple applications of different types of neutralization methods to fully eradicate water odors. We chose to use ULV fogging, which delivers a heated cleaning solution as fog and eliminates residual scents.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane is available 24/7 at (509) 474-9144 to turn around any size flood damage to your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Professional Pack-Out Services Helps Restore Fire Damaged Family Treasures in Spokane

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can make your fire damaged home "Like it never even happened."

Save Your Memories as Well as Your Spokane Home with a Post-Fire Damage Pack-Out 

After a fire, cleaning surfaces and evaluating whether charred structural components can be restored or need tear out and replacement takes center stage in your Spokane home. The contents of your home are damaged as well. Many homeowners feel that household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions need replacing, prepare to toss out a lifetime of memories because the disaster feels so overwhelming.

We recommend considering a pack-out of the fire damaged contents in your Spokane dwelling before giving up treasured items as lost. Our crew follows an established protocol when moving articles to our production facility. The Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) details through lists, digital photos, and barcoding the household and personal property we transport out of your house. Specially trained technicians evaluate the condition of each item and plan for its cleaning, drying, and restoration.  

SERVPRO keeps your insurance company in the loop, supporting consistent payment of your claims on the strength of our expertise and documented results. Innovative strategies and equipment take seemingly ruined items back to the utility and appearance you remember. Books, documents, and photos respond well to freeze drying. Clothing, linens, and window treatments return to pre-fire condition after laundering in our industrial machines or dry cleaning by experienced vendors. 

Intricately detailed items hold soot, but the immersion or ultrasonic tanks housed at SERVPRO headquarters loosen and clear the residue. Fire damaged furniture cleaning involves different materials that might need different techniques. Wood and metal legs and frames require spray on, wipe off cleaners, perhaps with carefully controlled agitation or abrasive tools or additives. Upholstery does best with foaming cleaners, dabbed on to lift the sooty debris. 

SERVPRO crews at your residence take advantage of the cleared spaces to remove the firefighting water, dry the space, and clean surfaces in every space showing sooty coatings. As your possessions approach recovery so do the damaged areas of your home. Moving the contents home back is the final touch, providing not only a clean, dry, and sanitized place to live but also reuniting you and your family with the treasures that make a house a home. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane helps recover from all aspects of the devastation of a household fire. Call us at (509) 474-9144 to set up a consultation as soon as the firefighters depart.

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