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Professional Pack-Out Services Helps Restore Fire Damaged Family Treasures in Spokane

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Pack-Out Services Helps Restore Fire Damaged Family Treasures in Spokane SERVPRO can make your fire damaged home "Like it never even happened."

Save Your Memories as Well as Your Spokane Home with a Post-Fire Damage Pack-Out 

After a fire, cleaning surfaces and evaluating whether charred structural components can be restored or need tear out and replacement takes center stage in your Spokane home. The contents of your home are damaged as well. Many homeowners feel that household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions need replacing, prepare to toss out a lifetime of memories because the disaster feels so overwhelming.

We recommend considering a pack-out of the fire damaged contents in your Spokane dwelling before giving up treasured items as lost. Our crew follows an established protocol when moving articles to our production facility. The Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) details through lists, digital photos, and barcoding the household and personal property we transport out of your house. Specially trained technicians evaluate the condition of each item and plan for its cleaning, drying, and restoration.  

SERVPRO keeps your insurance company in the loop, supporting consistent payment of your claims on the strength of our expertise and documented results. Innovative strategies and equipment take seemingly ruined items back to the utility and appearance you remember. Books, documents, and photos respond well to freeze drying. Clothing, linens, and window treatments return to pre-fire condition after laundering in our industrial machines or dry cleaning by experienced vendors. 

Intricately detailed items hold soot, but the immersion or ultrasonic tanks housed at SERVPRO headquarters loosen and clear the residue. Fire damaged furniture cleaning involves different materials that might need different techniques. Wood and metal legs and frames require spray on, wipe off cleaners, perhaps with carefully controlled agitation or abrasive tools or additives. Upholstery does best with foaming cleaners, dabbed on to lift the sooty debris. 

SERVPRO crews at your residence take advantage of the cleared spaces to remove the firefighting water, dry the space, and clean surfaces in every space showing sooty coatings. As your possessions approach recovery so do the damaged areas of your home. Moving the contents home back is the final touch, providing not only a clean, dry, and sanitized place to live but also reuniting you and your family with the treasures that make a house a home. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane helps recover from all aspects of the devastation of a household fire. Call us at (509) 474-9144 to set up a consultation as soon as the firefighters depart.

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Contact Our Fire Damage Technicians To Restore Your Home In Colbert To Pre-Damage Condition

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Contact Our Fire Damage Technicians To Restore Your Home In Colbert To Pre-Damage Condition If a fire causes damage inside of your house, large or small, never hesitate to call our crew.

SERVPRO Can Remediate The Fire Damage In Your Colbert Home

Fire damage can often be overwhelming and daunting. Sometimes, with all of the soot that spreads from the flames, the damage can seem worse than it actually may be. However, calling a professional cleanup and restoration company as quickly as possible after the fire inside of your home can help solve the problems it left behind.

A candle left on a windowsill, in your kitchen, caught the drapes ablaze and caused fire damage inside of your Colbert home. The fire was by no means catastrophic. It burned through the drapes, melted the faux plastic flowers inside of a vase on the windowsill, and tinted the frame of a painting hanging on the wall close by with smoke. However, perhaps the most obnoxious problem left behind by the flames is the smell that permeates the air inside of your kitchen. Burnt fabrics, plastics, and scorched walls do not make for pleasant odors.

Whenever fire damage strikes your home, large or small, reach out to SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians understand how to tackle every aspect of fire damage, from scorch marks to odor, and smoke residue. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

When our SERVPRO techs arrive at your home, within mere hours after your initial call, we can begin an investigation into the damages straight away. From there, we can devise a plan. The first step is to rid your property of the charred bits of fabric and plastic that the fire consumed. After cleaning up the remnants of the mess around your window, SERVPRO can focus on removing smoke residue from the walls and any scorch marks from the flames.

Our technicians can use advanced technology to combat the soot and malodor in your home. To tackle the soot on the walls, and the glass of the picture frame, SERVPRO can use a chemical solution to break apart the bond between the soot and the surface. Afterward, we can bring in thermal foggers to neutralize the very particles that have been causing the foul stench in your kitchen, removing the last piece of evidence of the fire from inside your home and returning it to its preloss condition.

If a fire causes damage inside of your house, large or small, never hesitate to call our crew. Phone the number (509) 474-9144 to speak with SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane. Our techs are always available 24/7.

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Spokane Furnace Misbehaving? Call SERVPRO for Fire Tag Cleanup and Deodorization

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Spokane Furnace Misbehaving? Call SERVPRO for Fire Tag Cleanup and Deodorization If You Cannot Bear the Odor and Mess from Furnace Puffback in Your Spokane Home—Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup

Soot Deposits from Puffback Are a Form of Fire Damage Affecting Some Spokane Residential Properties

Your Spokane area home's furnace should run without making much noise. While its ignition and heating do produce some sounds, these should never sound like an explosion or banging noise. When this happens, you might also notice darkened areas developing around the furnace's housing and heat vents.

Homes with these darkened areas, which are a form of fire damage in Spokane, have furnaces that need repairing or replacing. Puffback is common in older models, and successful, safe repairs are not always possible. SERVPRO can remove the soot from walls and inside the ventilation system. Soot comes from partially combusted fuel, and the more that accumulates, the more flammable it becomes.

If this soot ignites, it can spread throughout your home via your ducts and burn for some time before anyone notices. Not only is its presence ugly, but it is also dangerous to not have removed. SERVPRO uses in-house cleaning agents specially developed for cutting through hardened soot like this, without marring painted or other finished surfaces.

Our team is prepared to clean these areas and also perform odor controlling methods to ensure that the sharp odors related to this no longer bother your family. Our IICRC-certified Odor Control Technician (OCT) uses the latest methods to eliminate odors from this and other sources. We can use different scents with some methods, while others eliminate odors. Hydroxyl generators use UV light to change the molecular structure and kill odors. This method is safer to use in occupied areas, and does take longer than methods using ozone, but is just as effective.

We use odor control methods because soot particles from puffback do not all end up stuck to walls near heat vents and around the furnace. These spider-web looking soot residuals must be cleaned carefully to avoid staining of walls, ceilings, and fabrics. Many find their way into the living area and then settle on carpets, windowsills, shelving, belongings, and furniture. Thermal fogging and other methods remove the odor and leave your home smelling “Like it never even happened.” Cleaning the area around your furnace makes your home safe again.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane also handles fire damage situations, both large and small, in and near Hillyard, Mead, Colbert, and Milan. Call our office at (509) 474-9144 for fire damage cleanup and mitigation, as well as odor control solutions that make your home healthy again.

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Our Professionals Explain The Secondary Effects Of Fire Damage In Spokane

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Professionals Explain The Secondary Effects Of Fire Damage In Spokane Fire damage is rarely simple to overcome, but with the right professional assistance, can get accomplished promptly and thoroughly.

Secondary Effects Of Fire Damage In Spokane Homes

After first responders have done their job for your Spokane residence and put out the blaze, you get to start working on the steps it takes to return your property to preloss condition. The trouble is, you have no real understanding of how deep the damage is in areas of the property without a proper assessment from professionals like ours. Overcoming all of the effects from the fire is rarely as simple as the structural damage, smoke, and soot that comes with this incident.

While these effects must also get addressed throughout the fire damage restoration process for your Spokane residence, secondary effects and incidental damages can often prove more pressing to resolve. Water damage is a good example of this, as it often requires a large volume of water to quell spreading fires, this pooling occurs in all of these affected areas and requires professional restoration technicians like our SERVPRO team to work quickly to restore.

With the severity of the situation in a widespread structure fire, homeowners might believe that water damage is the least of their concerns. The longer that moisture persists in affected areas, the more likely situations like mold growth become. The saturation of material can affect down into areas like the basement or crawlspace, which if it goes unnoticed, can allow severe mold colonization that can present health effects to occupants of the house and further structural degradation.

Our initial assessment of the property when our SERVPRO professionals arrive is to address the full spread of the damage and secondary effects throughout the house. This inspection can help our technicians to identify areas like the basement and crawlspace that could have become susceptible to water damage and mold growth, and take preventative steps to keep microbial growth from occurring in these areas if it has not already begun.

Fire damage is rarely simple to overcome, but with the right professional assistance, can get accomplished promptly and thoroughly. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane fire restoration technicians is available 24/7 by calling (509) 474-9144.

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Top 4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare for a Fire

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Top 4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare for a Fire Install a smoke alarm in your Chattaroy,WA home

As a homeowner in Chattaroy,WA, you need to prepare yourself for a variety of worst case scenarios. You may make plans for bad weather, faulty plumbing and house fires to ensure you can bounce back from any unexpected event. Fire preparation should include preventative measures as well as practicing what to do in case of an emergency.

4 Preventative Measures in Case of an Emergency

1. Have a fire drill. Making sure your entire family knows what to do in the case of an emergency is a must. During a fire drill, you should show everyone what the alarm sounds like, how to safely exit a room and where to meet outside of the home. For the highest level of fire safety, you may want to encourage everyone to have at least two exit strategies in mind for each room in the house. For example, you could leave a bedroom through the door or a window.

2. Install smoke alarms. A home fire is often detected by smoke alarms. If you do not have this safety equipment properly installed throughout your house, a fire may blaze without you knowing.

3. Check smoke alarms. Once the alarm is in place, your fire preparation is not over. You also need to make sure it can work. You should do an alarm check at least once every month. If you don't, the batteries inside may die without you realizing it.

4. Figure out who to call. Everyone knows to call emergency responders after a home fire, but you may also want to decide what type of residential fire remediation team you would like to work with if flames engulf your house. Getting in touch with these experts prior to a fire can speed up the restoration process.

Being proactive in your fire preparation ensures your entire family will know what to do if there ever is a fire in your house. Once you have made the preparations, you can sit back and hope to never put them into action.

Fire Sprinkler Checkup: A How-To

8/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Sprinkler Checkup: A How-To Check your sprinklers periodically to ensure they work incase of a fire

If you are a Spokane, WA, business owner, chances are that a few worrisome “what ifs” regarding the safety of your property in a fire have crossed your mind. You want to be prepared when it comes to disasters such as fires, but might not know what you can do to enhance your fire suppression plan. Doing a checkup of your fire sprinkler system is a great start. Not sure where to begin? Follow the advice below.

Warning Signs

How can you perform a checkup on your sprinkler system? A business owner is not necessarily a fire safety expert, so identifying a damaged or failing sprinkler may seem like an unsurmountable puzzle. If the system is being properly maintained and is ready for use in a fire emergency, you will not notice any glaring issues. However, the warning signals below may mean that you will need to repair, replace or complete maintenance on your fire sprinkler system:

• Leaking
• Corroded pipes
• Any other damage to the system’s pipes

Act Now

These warning signals should not discourage you about your commercial property’s system. Instead, your newfound awareness of these existing issues should prompt you to take action to put a sprinkler repair or replacement plan in place so you can increase the chances of having any future fires put out more quickly by your properly working system and avoid as much fire restoration as possible. There are many experts who can help you figure out whether repair or replacement will be the best solution for the safety and financial needs of your Spokane, WA, business.

You will also be more motivated to put a maintenance plan in place if you have not already done so, rather than continue to leave the fire sprinkler system unchecked as it has been. There is one more positive outcome that can be gained from this process: you now know how to identify future issues so you can fix them sooner and more efficiently. Having a better, stronger fire sprinkler cleanup plan in place, or a brand-new one if one did not exist before, will help keep you, your employees and your building safer than ever.

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Grease Fire Do’s and Don’ts

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mouthwatering, salty, greasy French fries cook on your stovetop in Spokane, WA. All of a sudden, the smell turns from delectable to dangerous as the smoke fills your home. What happened? When oil gets too hot and is unattended, a grease fire can occur.


Know the correct actions to take:

• If the fire has spread beyond the pot or appears out of control, immediately get to safety and call 911. Inform the operator that you suspect a grease fire.
• If the fire is small and contained, first turn off the heat source.
• Use a metal lid to cover the pot. It is a good idea to keep this handy on the counter every time you cook with oil. Cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply is the quickest way to stop the blaze in its tracks.
• Pour baking soda or salt on the fire. This works best on a small, contained fire.
• A Class B or Class K fire extinguisher may be used. A multipurpose extinguisher is acceptable if it includes B, such as ABC.


Some actions do not work or make the situation worse:

• Never use water to douse the flames. Water may be your first thought when you see a fire, but in this case it is the absolute wrong choice. Water does not mix with oil, and this mistake causes an explosion of grease and fire.
• Do not pour flour on the fire.
• Do not try to fan the fire out. Fire craves oxygen, and this action feeds the flames and causes the oil to splash to other areas.
• Do not try to move the pot that is on fire, as this might spread the grease onto you or other surfaces of your home.

If you experience a grease fire at your home in Spokane, WA there is more at risk than just burnt French fries. Know the correct actions to take, and which to avoid. After a fire, if there is damage to your home contact your insurance agent to ensure coverage. As soon as possible, call a fire restoration specialist to begin the process of fire cleanup and recovery. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Ditch the Candles and Use One of These Five Alternatives Instead

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

People in Spokane, WA may have used candles as their main source up until as recently as this past century, but that does not mean that they should continue to use them today. Candles smell good and look nice, but they are dangerous. If you’re someone who enjoys the ambiance created by candles, or if you just want a light source for when the power goes out, consider using one of these five candle alternatives:

• Flameless candles
• Flashlights
• Electric lanterns
• Solar lamps
• Glow sticks

Electric Candles

Electric candles still give off the same ambiance as the real deal, except they are far safer. If you still want the nice smells afforded by candles, look into oil diffusers or even glade air fresheners. There are dozens of ways that create a calming atmosphere without creating the risk of a candle fire.


If you don’t have a couple of flashlights that are fully stocked with batteries on hand, run out to your local hardware store and get one. Flashlights are convenient, affordable and great candle alternatives for when the power goes out.


Battery powered lanterns are strong enough to light up a campsite, so they can be especially useful in a power outage. If you want to light up an entire room in a safe way, invest in a couple of flameless lanterns.

Solar Lamps

Solar lamps can work for up to 12 hours on just a single charge, so even if the power is out for days, you can still have light at night. Just recharge the lamp each morning and bring it in at night. More complex models offer a port via which you can charge your cell phone and other devices as well.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a fun alternative to candles that the whole family can enjoy. They also last for up to 12 hours and are affordable. Turn some into a necklace so that you can keep track of all family members at night.

Candles are dangerous and should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Stock up on one or more of the above candle alternatives before the next big power outage, or talk to your Spokane, WA fire restoration team about other options. Visit for more information on fire damage

Fire Damage Companies for Colbert: What You Need To Know

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Companies for Colbert: What You Need To Know SERVPRO Restores Your Home In Colbert from Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire Damage Restoration by SERVPRO for Your Colbert Home

When Colbert fire damage has occurred to your residential home, you should secure professional fire damage restoration services. However, many property owners are uncertain about how to find a fire damage restoration company, and what to expect. However, reading the short outline below provided by SERVPRO offers you the information and advice necessary to hire a service that looks out for you.

Fire Damage Companies Remove Smoke Odors. One of the peskiest and most damaging forms of fire damage is smoke damage. Unfortunately, the smoke from the fire can leave your personal belongings and furniture with an unpleasant smell that is hard to remove. However, a fire damage company like SERVPRO possesses the tools necessary to eliminate quickly smoky odors so that you can salvage more of your personal items and household materials. One method that restoration experts will use to realize this objective is the use of an ozone machine. These machines can run throughout your sealed property for days. We do not mask smoke odors; we eliminate them. Soot, a form of oily-based smoke can layer on surfaces. IICRC certified technicians have the training and specialized equipment and cleaning products for this type of cleanup. It is critical that this wipe down be done professionally to prevent the soot from setting. SERVPRO can prepare surfaces for repainting, much more cost effective than replacing porous materials or upholstery.

Fire Damage Companies Prevent Mold

In addition to eradicating unwanted smoke, fire damage companies prevent mold from accumulating on your property. In many cases, the extinguishing work completed by firefighters leaves excessive water inside rooms, walls, or basements. This accumulated water creates the moist environment that invite fungi to grow. The mold spores that are present in your home can now, with the moisture's help, settle and grow on hard and porous surfaces within your home. However, the SERVPRO experts will utilize advanced mold remediation tools and techniques to exterminate, most if not all, of the fungi from spreading within your property. Some of the equipment that remediation experts will utilize to realize this objective include air movers, dehumidifiers, and foggers.

Some Attributes of a Superior Fire Damage Restoration Company.
• 24/7 emergency services
• IICRC-certified professionals
• a good reputation
• industry experience
• an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Call SERVPRO Immediately. Although fire damage to your Colbert home is a serious issue, hiring professional fire damage restoration services can get your property back to pre-fire loss condition promptly. Our IICRC-certified professionals possess the advanced knowledge necessary to complete each aspect of the fire damage restoration process with expedience and excellence. A final walk through guarantees your satisfaction with your restored Colbert home.

Faster to Any Size Fire Emergency

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane is dedicated to responding immediately to your Colbert fire damage emergency. A faster response is the key to help prevent additional damage and to help reduce the restoration cost. Call us 24/7 for immediate help. (509) 474-9144

Mold Remediation in Your Spokane Home

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation in Your Spokane Home

Harmful decay in your home can produce irritants and allergens that result in adverse health effects to you and your family members. It occurs naturally in the environment and can be found indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the spores are not detrimental, and the environment benefits from them. Some spores are harmful especially if they are many. Animals and humans should not inhale some of the types, such as black molds since they are harmful. They lead to different respiratory diseases.

It is not guaranteed that all microbial growth is spores. Once you discover some dark growth especially in a damp or wet area of your home, you should not always conclude that it is a dangerous type of spores. Microbial growth ranges from mildew, fungus, and algae. Some of these growths are not easy to get rid of. It is not easy for you to differentiate between harmful and harmless microbial growth in and around your home. Do you sense some smelly odor from the growth? It is now the highest time you contacted an environmental hygienist. They will advise you whether to acquire an expert in cleanup services or get rid of it yourself.

Are you a Spokane, Washington resident? You are advised to seek proper treatment for any spores that you trace around your home. Without proper treatment of molds, they will keep growing again each time they are removed.

Do you know why it is necessary to get cleanup professionals to help you eradicate this issue once and for all? Mildew has the ability to reproduce continuously within a day when pods burst and release spores into the environment. The reproduced spores then attach themselves to any source of food, and the reproduction process continues. They reproduce very fast because they survive on any porous material or surface. These organisms grow in areas that are difficult to notice.

Therefore, the first sign will be some smelly odor. It is also a sign that an environmental hygienist should inspect your house to troubleshoot the problem. Once they confirm that it is not the fungus, they will advise you on the best possible treatment.

Only allow a cleanup professional to do this work. They use effective tools that eliminate spores completely from your home. You will not have to suffer the physical damage that spores can do. Your family, as well as pets, will be safe from the health issues caused by spore contamination.

As professionals treat your home in Spokane Valley, you can clean any of your items that could have been exposed to mildew. You will have to clean anything that you rescued before taking it back to the house. Washington firms should also clean their workspaces once advised by the environmental hygienist to do so. Companies in Spokane should ensure that every building suspected or confirmed to have fungus is well treated by a professional. Always remember that the first thing to do when you suspect mold damage in Spokane Valley is to inform a cleanup professional near you soonest possible. Visit for more details on mold remediation.

How to handle a fire loss in Colbert Washington

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to firedamage in Colbertthings can get pretty ugly relatively quickly if you've dealt with a fire. Even after the fire is put out, you'll still have residual damage that can get worse if it is not taken care of by a fire restoration company like SERVPRO. The way that our company works is by helping to restore the original glory of your home and remove any and all damage that might be present. Whether you have fire damage, or you have water damage because of the fire being put out, SERVPRO is there to assist you.When you first make the decision to hire SERVPRO for yourColbert fire damageand fire restoration, you'll want to contact us so that we can come out and assess the damage. Our professional will take a thorough look at the area to see what type of damage is present and what is needed for restoration. This could be anything from replacing walls to replacing piping and flooring. You will love the fact that SERVPRO takes care of all of the heavy work for youBecause damage left after afirecan leave years worth of damage to your home, it is important to hire a professional as soon as you can. SERVPRO can prevent the damage from becoming much worse, and it is especially important for the overall health of your family. It can be unhealthy to live around water damage, mold growth and even soot that might have been left over by the fire that has since been put out by the local fire department.When you haveColbert fire damagein your home, fire restoration by SERVPRO is your next step. This ensures that you have a beautiful home that is well taken care of and one that will leave you free from worry. Restoring a home or business after afirecan be a daunting task, but it is nice to know that the entire job can be left to our experts.Be sure to contact SERVPRO if you need more information on the services that we can offer to you.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokaneis locally owned and operated—so we are part of the Colbert community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large-scale disasters.

Damage caused by a fire is devastating for your home and your family. SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane has the fire and water damage expertise and training to help you through this tough time. Please call us. (509) 474-9144

What do you do if you have a fire in your home in Spokane?

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

Leave Fire Damage Repairs to a Pro

Whether a home is affected by an electrical incident, a fire resulting from a storm, or a wildfire, it's always a devastating event that often leaves homeowners at a loss. On top of losing possessions and dealing with the sheer destruction of such an event, the last thing homeowners want to think about after a fire emergency is the cost of fixing the damage done to their houses.
Homeowners who experience fire damage in Mead will no doubt question whether they should handle repairs on their own to save money or leave the job to a contractor. If you're facing this dilemma, here are some reasons why contacting a professional fire damage restoration company is best.

    •    Homeowners typically aren't aware of how to remove smoke contamination from their homes. This alone, if left untreated, will permanently damage your clothing, flooring, walls, and furnishings. SERVPRO handles smoke removal with the aim of preventing any long-term damage or the loss of your possessions.
    •    The restoration process is difficult and unsafe to take on by yourself. It involves removing hazardous debris, soot, and smoke removal, and fixing structural damage. Our specialists will take care to ensure your home is properly repaired and safe to occupy after a fire.
    •    Depending on your home insurance company, they may only pay for repairs completed by professionals. SERVPRO knows how to navigate the claims process, and you won't have to worry about our repairs meeting your insurance company's standards -- we'll exceed them.
    •    The cost of hiring a skilled contractor to repair fire damage is less expensive when they're called early on. After smoke and fire contamination are allowed to sit, repairs become much more challenging, and restoration takes even longer.
At SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane, our team of experts is equipped with the tools and knowledge to repair quickly and efficiently homes and commercial buildings affected by a fire. For more information about the fire damage restoration services that we offer or to get a quote, call us 24/7 at (509) 474-9144.

Why an Ozone Generator Helps Remove Cigarette Odor

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

Whether someone has been smoking in your house for one week or several years, the smoke will quickly leave behind an unmistakable odor. After a while, you may become acclimated to the smell and not even notice it is there. This is dangerous because cigarette smoke contains many toxic chemicals you do not want to breathe in on a regular basis, even if you are not the one smoking. Home deodorization in Spokane, WA is a worthwhile process. After you have undergone cigarette removal from your home, it is time to tackle the odor. An ozone generator is one of the best tools to accomplish this.

Ozone Generators Are Used by Commercial Buildings

A number of different businesses rely on ozone generators to eliminate the smell of tobacco. These generators are commonly used by:

• Apartment buildings
• Hotels
• Casinos
• Smoking bars

The reason these businesses use an ozone generator is that it is one of the only devices capable of removing all of the components found in cigarette smoke. More traditional home deodorization products are not capable of handling the array of gases found in cigarettes, which includes ammonia, phenol and carbon monoxide.

Ozone Generators Can Remove Odors in a Quick Turnaround

While the ozone generator is working, you will need to vacate your home for the time being. Professionals will tell you how long the process should take. It can range anywhere between a few hours and a couple days. If someone has been smoking in your house for years, then you should expect the process to take two to three days.

The experts will ensure the air conditioner runs throughout the process to keep air circulating while the generator runs. Home deodorization is fairly easy to carry out, and all you need to do is contact a professional odor removal service. You will feel better after the process and definitely notice a difference. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Three Steps in Fire Cleanup

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Three Steps in Fire Cleanup

When you have a fire in your home, you will probably first worry about finding a place to stay and contacting your insurance company. However, you will eventually have to focus on the cleanup and dealing with smoke damage. While you may want to try to do the cleaning yourself, it is recommended by experts that you hire a professional restoration company in Spokane, Washington for help. Fire remediation technicians have the training and tools needed to ensure the job is done correctly. However, learning about the process can make it easier for you to understand what the specialists will be doing.

1. Assessing the Damage

During the assessment, the company will look over your home before they begin. This will allow them to get an idea of the type and extent of the damage. They can then begin to formulate their plan for cleaning.

2. Securing the Structure

The next step is to fortify any areas that may have been weakened by the fire. This includes boarding up windows and doors that were broken. It also includes stabilizing beams and walls that may not be structurally sound.

3. Cleaning Smoke Damage and Soot

Smoke and soot create a lot of the damage in a fire. Both cover many surfaces and may reach areas of your home that were untouched by the actual fire. They cause messes and smells that you will want to get rid of. Soot damage needs to be cleaned carefully because it can sometimes be made worse by incorrect cleaning methods. Smoke cleaning has to be done using special equipment and processes that can remove odors.

Cleaning up after a fire is a tedious process. However, when it is done correctly, you can get your Spokane, Washington home back to the way it was before the fire without smoke damage acting as a lingering reminder of what happened.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Steps To Take After a Fire

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Steps To Take After a Fire

Losing your home in Spokane, Washington to a fire is a tragic event that may leave you numb and bewildered. Before you begin the fire restoration and recovery process, here is a list of specific steps you can take that will help you salvage some of your belongings.

Find a Place To Stay

The first priority is to make sure everyone who lived in the home has food, clothing, and a place to sleep. The Red Cross or Salvation Army can help you find shelter and other necessities. Don’t forget pets. They will need a temporary home as well.

Call Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the fire and ask them what they would like you to do first. Inform them of any immediate needs, such as pumping out water or covering doors and windows.

Don’t Touch Anything

It may be tempting to get into your home and begin cleanup procedures right away, but the home may not be structurally sound. There are likely hazardous chemicals in the dirty water left behind. It’s a good idea to talk to a fire restoration specialist in Spokane, Washington before entering your home. They can give you a professional analysis of what can and cannot be saved.

Fix Your Finances

Talk to your landlord or mortgage holder immediately. If you lost credit cards in the fire, call the companies and ask for replacement cards. Save all receipts from repairs and cleaning for your tax records. If you have fire insurance, talk to your agent and get in writing what the insurance will cover and what it will not.

Clean Up the Damage

Decide if you will tackle smoke cleaning yourself or hire a fire restoration company. In either case, the sooner the work is completed, the greater the chances that the cleaning will be successful. Smoke and soot left on too long leave permanent, corrosive stains. Visit for more information on fire damage.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

A fire can be devastating to any home and cause incalculable amounts of damage both financial and emotional. Fire damage can destroy furniture, upholstery, floors, and other personal items. It can also leave an undesirable odor of smoke in the property that persists well after the fire trucks are gone. Some homes become flooded due to water damage from fire fighting. Attempting to reverse fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage without professional guidance is not advised as a restoration company is the only way to guarantee that a certified technician does his or her best to make a reverse a disaster. Luckily, most fire damage can be restored with a professional fire damage restoration service, which can return most homes to pre-fire status.

The first step to fire cleanup is to contact a restoration company and set up and appointment for evaluation. It is imperative that a professional determine the extent of the fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage a home has suffered. A fire in home or fire in business can come on unexpectedly, and a restoration company should respond just as quickly. The company will then provide an estimate for complete fire cleanup and generally provide a time frame for full recovery. Fire cleanups can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the business or home affected. Commercial fire damage may also require a different set of specialists.

After the inspection, if windows or doors have been damaged, the company should arrange for to board up any entry points fore safety. This will be temporary until they can be repaired and the board up can be removed. This is particularly important for a commercial fire to protect any assets remaining in the property. A professional restoration company can board up any type of property regardless of whether they are dealing with a fire in a home or a fire in a business. Boarding up a business after extensive commercial fire damage might be the only way to ensure that it is not ruined.

Before any fire damage, soot damage, or smoke damage can be restored, any water or flooding must be dried up by a professional who will employ dehumidifiers and drying agents in order to prepare for restoration. Water can be a major source of commercial fire damage and must be dealt with immediately. A fire in a business can lead to it being flooded by firefighters and will need extensive water extraction and a complete removal of the smoke smell.

Fire cleanup can begin with the removal of all soot or smoke from any surfaces that have absorbed them during the fire. A fire in a home can leave a smoke smell that is both irritating and dangerous. A soot and smoke removal specialist as well as an odor control technician will ensure that all soot damage and smoke damage is no longer noticeable. An upholstery and fabric cleaning technician is employed to completely extinguish the smoke smell from any carpeting or furniture.

Fire damage restoration continues with the removal of personal items that were left intact and free of damage. Once undamaged items are removed, the property can be remodeled and reconstructed to resemble its pre-fire status. The smoke smell can be removed from these items by the appropriate technician.

Disinfectants and antimicrobials are applied liberally to prevent mold and mildew that may arise from the residual moisture from water, preventing further commercial fire damage. A restoration company will provide further instruction on maintaining a home that has been restored after a fire so as to prevent any further damage.

Fire damage restoration is a multistep process that requires years of training and multiple professionals. A fire in a home or a fire in a business can be difficult to manage by itself. A professional fire damage restoration team can ease the recovery of at least the physical part of a disaster.
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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration in a Home or Business

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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration in a Home or Business

Until a fire tragedy strikes a home or a business set-up without warning, it is hard to figure out what to expect. Fire in business or fire in home calls for the intervention of a professional fire damage restoration team quickly to ensure the residents get back to some degree of normalcy. Here are vital processes employed in a fire damage restoration process.

Emergency Fire Damage Contact

Most commercial fire damage companies have emergency services 24/7 allowing the affected to contact them in occurrences of residential or commercial fires for immediate relief. The services are available in incidents of fire in home or fire in business, the reason property owners must save the contact details of reliable soot damage companies. It is the job of professional emergency services to put out fires and eliminate smoke smell. Professional companies understand that the longer the smoke smell and soot sit unattended, the harder it becomes to fix the problem. Rather than waiting for the fire damage to aggravate, it is reasonable to use emergency services.

Damage Assessment

After contacting the fire damage restoration team, the situation should be assessed immediately since soot damage and smoke damage tend to increase as a result of water present in the property. Fire cleanup teams can only design a proper plan of action once they have assessed the extent of fire and soot damage. This step involves how far the fire and the soot have extended, to enable the company to figure out how to handle the problem, and the estimate of the amount it will cost for a thorough fire cleanup process.


Commercial fire damage service providers look for possible avenues the fire and smoke damage would use to worsen the problem. To avoid the chances of water leaking into a property, for instance, the team begins by sealing all holes on the roof or the wall. It would be particularly necessary if the fire in home or fire in business led to the bursting of water pipes.

The Fire Cleanup Process

The next step a commercial fire damage team undertakes is the fire cleanup process. Here, smoke, soot, and dust are cleaned from the surfaces of the property. Normally, occurrences of fire in home or fire in business leave a property charred, stained, and with smoke smell. This is where the fire damage restoration process is put into test since all standing pools of water must be removed and the area sanitized. Due to the contamination left behind by the damage and smoke smell, there are high chances of developing health problems if the cleanup process is not done professionally. During this step, the commercial fire damage team disposes of items that are severely damaged and eliminates smoke smell that tends to linger after smoke damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

The smoke damage and soot damage restoration does not stop at the cleanup stage but goes further to have the property items repaired and restored. For instance, if the carpet has been burned beyond repair, the fire damage service team gets new ones for replacement, repaints the walls and repairs furniture. Most commercial fire damage companies help in the renovation of a property to get the owner settled back as soon as possible. In fact, the fire damage-restoration service provider should advise the affected on ways to avoid another occurrence of fire in home or fire in business in the future. Also, they help owners to find the best smoke and soot damage detectors alongside other means to get fire alerts early.

Fire damage can be highly destructive, making it necessary to use the help of fire damage restoration companies for professional cleaning. While the full range of fire cleanup and smoke damage services may vary by company, most of them will essentially follow the same process. When left unhindered, smoke and soot can result in lingering odors, etching, and discoloration, as well as extensive corrosion.
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Understanding the Process of Fire Damage Restoration

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Understanding the Process of Fire Damage Restoration

When there is a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it will be devastating for everyone involved. However, once the fire is extinguished, it is important for everyone to begin the recovery process. After the building has been saved from the fire, the next step should be to contact a fire damage restoration company and the insurance company. It is important to contact these individuals immediately because the structure can continue to be damaged once the fire has been extinguished. Commercial fire damage can be extensive. For example, pipes may burst, and rain may enter the building from a damaged roof. Also, the smoke smell can stay in the business for a long time. By calling the fire damage restoration company immediately, the owners will have a better chance of salvaging additional items.

Secure Restoration

It is important the people look for a fire damage restoration company that specializes in emergency response and is willing to begin work at a short notice. Once the company arrives, the first step will be to prevent any additional damage to the building. Therefore, the repairmen will begin to seal any holes or gaps that have been caused by the fire or water. After all holes and gaps have been sealed, the company’s repairmen can begin to assess the extent of the damage to the home. If there is commercial fire damage, it is important to salvage business documents. With the equipment that is used, the company will be able to determine what is fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, or water damage. Once this is determined, the homeowner will work with the company to determine a plan of action.

The Process

Once the initial restoration begins, any unsalvageable items will be completely removed and disposed of properly. Most items that have lots of smoke damage or soot damage will need to be removed. This can include items that the homeowner desires to keep. However, if the items have received smoke damage, water damage, or fire damage, it is important that these items are removed. Windows should be open throughout the process to help eliminate the smoke smell.

In most cases, there will be water left in the home or business from the fire department. In order to remove the water, the company will most likely use water pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to remove excess water from floors. Additionally, the company will probably need to use dehumidifiers to dry the remaining water from the home. After the water is removed, the company can begin the process of cleaning all salvageable surfaces and looking at the extent of the fire damage. The cleaning will involve removing all smoke and soot from the different items in the building and eliminating the smoke smell. When it comes to cleaning the home or business, a variety of cleaning equipment must be used. In most cases, all carpet will have to be professional cleaned. Commercial fire damage is often more extensive because of the size of the building; also, with commercial fire damage, the cleanup will probably take longer.

Once the restoration company has finished its fire cleanup, the owner should be able to tell the difference. The fire cleanup should allow the home to look damaged; however, the damage will not look like fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage. The smoke smell should be gone at this time as well. The company will begin to paint, repair, and install different portions of the home. This may include carpet, cabinets, and wallpaper. Salvaging furniture will also be dependent on the amount of soot damage and smoke damage. In some cases, the furniture can be cleaned and repaired, but in other cases, the furniture will need to be replaced.

When there is a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it is important that homeowners take their time when searching for a fire damage restoration company. A great company will be able to renovate and remodel the home, and in a lot of cases, the company can improve the home from its original look.

After the restoration is complete, the property owner should make sure steps are in place to prevent a fire in a home or fire in a business from happening again. It is also important to make sure that if a fire in a home or fire in a business does happen, the owner knows the steps to deal with the fire cleanup as quickly and efficiently as possible. The owner should have the number to a fire damage restoration company ready to make sure fire cleanup can begin as soon as possible. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Cleaning Up Fire Loss in Spokane, Washington

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Fire Damage Cleaning Up Fire Loss in Spokane, Washington Fire Damage in Spokane, WA

Cleaning Up Fire Loss in Spokane, Washington

Property owners in Spokane Washington are always looking to keep their properties in the best possible condition. With properties in good condition, people in Spokane Washington will also be in position to help preserve the air quality. An area with good air quality will make the environment and more sanitary. While good air quality is very beneficial, it can sometimes go in decline. This is due to things such as properties getting on fire. There are times when a property owner might expose the property to flammable things and the property becomes damaged by fire. As a result there can be a number of troubling affects such as water damage from fire. The best thing to do when your property gets on fire and incurs water damage from fire is to contact a home restoration company immediately.

One of the things that a fire can cause is smoke damage. With smoke damage, a property in Spokane Valley will become weakened and start to deteriorate due to excess smoke in the environment. As a result, smoke damage can be one of the most troubling things for Spokane Valley property owners whenever there is a fire. As well as damage caused by smoke, soot is also another thing that can damage a property. Soot are tiny black particles that are likely to emit hazardous fumes and therefore make the air less safe to breathe in. It will also cause soot damage which consists of the property breaking down from the various particles. Whenever your property experiences soot damage, it is a great idea to notify a home restoration company in order to restore the property.

Anytime there is a fire on a property, the most troubling kind of damage is fire damage. This entails a property structure falling apart due to excess exposure to the actual flames. The affects of fire damage care quite significant as the property will begin to collapse as well as leaving some very hazardous particles and fumes in the air. If your property ever gets damaged by fire, you will need to get professional assistance so that the damage can be minimized. It will also benefit you as a home restoration company can repair your home and eliminate the hazardous fumes and particles left over.

Whenever a property owner experiences the damaging effects of a fire, it will always help to use a home restoration company. This kind of organization is available to help property owners recover from the devastating effects of a fire. A home restoration company will be able to provide lots of assistance such as an initial consultation, assessment of the damage and also ways to clean out the property and make it safe to be in again. Any property owner that has just experienced a fire will want to contact a home restoration company so that they can get their property back into its best possible condition. Once your property is back in top condition, you will likely recover from the fire and resume a good quality of life. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration in Spokane, Washington

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Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration in Spokane, Washington Fire Loss in Spokane, WA

Fire Damage Restoration in Spokane, Washington

Preserving the air quality is one of the top priorities of the residents of Spokane Washington. By keeping the air quality at its best, the entire community of Spokane Washington will be able to enjoy a great quality of life. In most cases, the residents of the area will be able to enjoy living in an area that is very clean and sanitary. However, there are times when a building or home might catch on fire. When this happens, things such as water damage from fire can occur. If a property gets water damage from fire, it will likely begin to deteriorate and break down. As a result, property owners in the area will want to enlist the services of a dependable home restoration company.

If your property ever has a fire, one of the things you will have to deal with as a property owner in Spokane Valley is smoke damage. This is when smoke begins to wear down and damage the structure of a given property. After while smoke damage from an excess of smoke exposure will eventually ruin your property as well as making it unsafe to be in. Another thing you will need to consider is soot and the resulting soot damage. Like smoke, soot can break down the property and cause a hazard. Whenever you are facing soot damage, it will benefit you to contact a quality home restoration company. They will gladly assist you in helping your restore your property in Spokane Valley.

Another type of damage that you will need to deal with as a property owner is fire damage. This is when the property will begin incurring damage to the structure during and after a fire. Whenever your property incurs fire damage, it will likely cause a serious problem. Not only will it break down the structure of a home or building, but it will also emit fumes that can be quite hazardous. As a result, you will need to get a home restoration company to help clean up the property and get rid of the fumes.

Anytime a property owner experiences a situation where fire has damaged their home, they will greatly benefit by using a home restoration company. This type of company is available to help property owners get feedback, advice, and assistance with eliminating debris from the effects of a fire. With a home restoration company, a property owner can also have their property cleaned up and restored to a completely sanitary state.

Whenever a property owner decides to hire a home restoration company, they will first receive a consultation where they will discuss the extent of the damage caused by a fire. They will then set up an appointment to have a professional come to the property and evaluate the nature of the damage. A home restoration professional will then begin assessing the damage and then using equipment and chemicals to get rid of the particles and debris left over from the fire. After cleaning up the property, the home restoration professional will then provide instructions on how to best manage the effects of a fire if one takes place again. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Loss and Restoration in Spokane, Washington

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Fire Loss and Restoration in Spokane, Washington

The destruction a type of fire damage can cause to any home is very devastating. The effect it has on the lives of the home's residents can be quite terrifying. However, the unfortunate incident of fire damage that has occurred does not mean that it is an end to everything by any means. By contacting a representative of Spokane Valley in Washington, you can set up an appointment for remediation services in which you can ask for them to visit your home for an appointment. Then, they will give you a competitively priced quote from which you can decide if you would like to take or reject. They will definitely be giving you one of the best prices you can find in the market of home remediation services.

Water damage from fire is a common issue that affects many homes. Smoke damage that may exist within a property after an unfortunate fire accident should be cleared immediately as it can have detrimental impacts on the residents' health. Spokane offers some great services of soot damage recovery in the area, some of which should be acquired by homeowners because when soot exists, there can be potential opportunities for different types of bacteria to form and spread throughout the household, which will ultimately be hazardous for residents to be around and live in. Smoke should never be allowed to stay in a house for too long as they can travel into the ventilation components and stay trapped until they are utilized, at which point they will be pushed back into the home and circulate throughout the rooms, causing residents to breathe it in. An air quality expert of Spokane Valley will be able to tend to your very needs of recuperating from water damage from fire.

If you are in Spokane, Washington and would like to contact an air quality specialist, please do not hesitate to make the right phone call, one which you can feel confident about as they've receive numerous amounts of positive ratings, feedback, and reviews from customers who have received the services that are offered by them in the past. Should you experience smoke damage in your home, it is recommended for you to provide the representatives of the soot damage experts with pertinent details to the scenario that you are facing.

Soot may accumulate within your home's floor after fire damage has occurred. If smoke is having an effect of lingering around in your property, you will need to hire an air quality professional so that they can arrive and clear it out so that you will be be living in such a hazardous environment. Please do not make the mistake of being negligent to smoke lingering around in your property as you will quickly realize that it is going to be detrimental to your lungs, possibly even to the extent that it becomes painful. If you would like to take advantage of optimal services that are provided by a group of proficient professionals in the Spokane area of Washington, please make the necessary phone call today. Visit for more information on fire damage.