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Mold in an Apartment Complex in Spokane, Washington

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane responded to this severe mold project in the area. We immediately had an environmental hygienist test and determine the proper scop... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Kitchen

This home had a severe water loss in the kitchen. Our team first arrive to mitigate and dry the structure. After the dry out we began to work with the customer ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Spokane Movie Theater

Water damage occurred at this Spokane movie theater when plumbing lines in the walls leaked. The theater owners, like all business people, would be, were anxiou... READ MORE

Basement Mold Removal Spokane Valley

This basement had mold under the baseboards and drywall from moisture. Affected areas were removed and treated. In less than 48 hours, mold will start to growth... READ MORE

Skylight Mold In Spokane Valley Home

This skylight had mold damage to the drywall from moisture. Affected areas were removed and treated. Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold ... READ MORE

Basement Sewage Backup In Spokane Home

This home had a sewage backup that came out of the toilets and shower that flooded the basement with fecal matter, half of the drywall had to be removed also al... READ MORE

Water Damage – Spokane Home Plumbing Failure

Water damage in this Spokane House resulted from a copper joint failure. The weight of the built up water damage on the ceiling ultimately led to the liquid fal... READ MORE

Kitchen and Bathroom Water Damage in Colbert

This house had several leaks in the roof, causing several problems in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. We were able to save the wood floors and drywall ceil... READ MORE