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3 Reasons Why Mold Has an Odor

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

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Sometimes, you may not realize your Spokane, WA business has a mold problem until you start to catch a whiff of that telltale musty odor when you turn on your ventilation system or if the day is particularly humid. Most types of mold release a chemical called mycotoxin, which causes the familiar smell. However, this may not be the only cause, and finding the source of the stink can help you prevent a major fungus problem from taking hold on your property.

1. Gases Are Released at Different Times

While most species of indoor mold have a similar odor, they tend to release odiferous chemicals at different stages of development. For example, some species may release mycotoxin as they eat, and others may do so as they grow or spread. In most cases, the odor becomes stronger as mold colonies spread, so by the time you notice the smell, you may already have a significant amount of fungi in your building. This situation might require the services of a certified mold removal and remediation company.

2. Breakdown of Organic Matter

Mold spores tend to be attracted by moisture and organic matter, such as drywall, cardboard and wood. As the fungi eats and breaks this material down, the organic matter may begin to rot and create the musty odor that is often associated with mold. Spores that grow and spread behind interior walls and feed on your building’s insulation may also create this rotting smell, which may be more noticeable on humid days.

3. Moisture and High Humidity

Because mold thrives best in moist, wet conditions, the odor it releases may be more noticeable on wet or humid days, especially if it is growing where you cannot see it. Fungi under carpet padding or drywall affected by a flood or other water damage may have a stronger scent when conditions are ideal for it to eat and grow. Calling in a mold remediation service can resolve this issue.

Mycotoxin and other gases that mold gives off can give your Spokane, WA business a foul odor. Knowing what causes them can help you act quickly when it comes to targeting and destroying fungi, no matter where it hides. Visit http://www.SERVPROnortheastspokane.com for more information on mold. 

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