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Rely On SERVPRO To Restore Your Spokane Home After Water Damage

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Rely On SERVPRO To Restore Your Spokane Home After Water Damage Act fast when you see water damage and call SERVPRO.

Water Damage In Spokane -- Do Not Ignore What We Can Restore

The damage water can do to a residential property in Spokane ranges from minor inconvenience to devastation that might make a home permanently uninhabitable. Failing to resolve gradual water damage over time can become just as difficult for a homeowner to manage as the more immediate crises of floods, storm damage, sewer backups, and overflow, or sudden breakage of pipes or appliances. Get professional help when water invades sooner rather than later regardless of the cause or level of harm.

Spokane property owners usually react quickly to water damage that floods through a home, soaking both building materials and personal possessions. For example, an older water heater that cracks or rusts through can send hundreds of gallons to spread on one or more levels of a home if the water supply line remains open for even an hour or two. If our water mitigation team arrives within hours, the harm can be halted and the affected space dried out completely with minimal residual effects.

Any delay in engaging our restoration services complicates the turnaround of water damage greatly. If a homeowner tries to mop up this amount of water as a do-it-yourself project success is unlikely. SERVPRO has commercial grade equipment to remove water and complete even extensive structural drying swiftly. Our crews are trained to measure moisture levels and scan for hidden caches of water with sophisticated thermal imaging devices. We also bring experience in the science and art of detecting where water migrates after an event.

Our crews are compassionate but professional as they perform their water remediation procedures. SERVPRO can focus on the water damage and research-based and proven solutions to get both structural components and personal possessions on the road to recovery. Homeowners have dozens of concerns during a water catastrophe, including missing work, protecting vulnerable family members and pets, and dealing with the emotional and financial worries that accompany a disaster that threatens comfort and well-being.

Time is of the essence for any response to a water loss. Even with the extensive training each SERVPRO crew member possess, the team approach our experts deliver is the only way to manage the dozens of issues water damage presents. Another common residential scenario is storm damage that allows water to flow into a home unimpeded. When our professionals arrive after trees smash through roofs and siding or high winds rip off shingles or break windows we employ restoration industry best practices to tick the boxes in a predictable order to bring the chaos under control.

We begin by securing the property, boarding up windows and tarping roofs to limit continued incursions of water. This can be a huge task, but we have scalable resources available even in cases where many of your neighbors experience the same issues after severe weather or other cataclysmic events. Our local presence means we bring the care and concern expected from members of the same community, but our nationwide network of other SERVPRO partners means we can put you and your water damage needs at the head of the line.

Once your storm damaged Spokane property is protected our experienced crew chiefs and project managers assess the interior of your home. Water moves swiftly from top to bottom and collects in recesses and cavities a homeowner might not realize exist. Now is when the focused training SERVPRO technicians receive from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides the support needed to mitigate and restore any level of water damage experienced.

Again, our cutting-edge equipment delivers the results needed when massive quantities of stormwater invade a home. Submersible pumps and truck-mounted extractors get the water removal rolling even if the power is out. Each SERVPRO service vehicle is a rolling water damage rescue machine. We understand our business, and the tools needed, and do not cause delays in the implementation of water disaster restoration plans, committed to being Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Storms also expose a Spokane home to other forms of water damage, even if the exterior of your property maintains its structural integrity. If storm sewers are overwhelmed by heavy rains sewage can back up into your property. This situation requires the expertise of SERVPRO’s workforce as the water now collecting in your basement or lower level is by definition contaminated, often known as black water in restoration circles.

Both human and animal wastes, as well as chemicals and other pathogen-carrying debris, enter your home when a sewer backs up. The water not only needs to be removed, but it also needs to be contained and disposed of following local hazardous waste rules and procedures. SERVPRO crews are experts in this specialized area of water damage management.

We evaluate the need for and provide appropriate disinfection of the surfaces affected after this type of event. SERVPRO crews employ required personal protective equipment protocols and take all precautions to keep other spaces in your home untainted during waste removal and remediation. A sewage backup adds complexities such as odor management and mold growth risk that we respond to with effective and professional solutions.

Do not make the mistake of calling on SERVPRO only when the water damage is sudden and overwhelming. Failure to detect and react to slow leaks in roofs, pipes, and plumbing fixtures also cause issues that grow from a nuisance to devastating if not addressed. Be mindful that even small amounts of moisture can fuel mold growth. Extensive colonies of mold and mildew might be found in structural cavities, attics, and foundations when small amounts of water soak in over time. Water also erodes common building materials like wood framing, drywall, lath and plaster, and ceiling tiles.

SERVPRO also helps provide the documentation needed for insurance coverage. We support our customers struggling with claims for water damage, inventorying possessions and keeping extensive records about the harm a done and the restoration efforts provided.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane is your full-service water damage restoration resource. Call us at (509) 474-9144 when you note the first signs of moisture-related trouble.

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