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SERVPRO Has a Solution for Persistent Odor Problems After a Fire

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

Man with clothespin on nose Smoke odors can be persistent after a fire. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane for a full range of odor removal solutions.

Smoke Odor in Your Spokane Home? SERVPRO Can Help

Smoke odor is a stubborn and pervasive odor which lingers a long time after the flames of a fire are out. Whether it was caused by a nearby fire, a natural disaster, or from an accident such as an out of control cooking fire or a fireplace left unattended, the smoke odor can be a challenge to remove, even for experienced restoration professionals. 

There are various factors which influence the severity of smoke odor from fire damage in your Spokane home. The first is obvious – the size of the fire. The bigger the fire is and the more materials which have burned, the more smoke there is. How long the affected area is exposed to smoke matters as well. Smoke odor embeds itself deeper into porous materials the longer it has a chance to sit. 

Our technicians at SERVPRO know that after a fire, time is of the essence to prevent additional damage, which is why once you call us, we are out to your home quickly. We clean up the smoke odor, sanitize the area, and repair any salvageable items. 

Another factor which impacts the smoke odor is how large the room which is affected is. The smaller the room is, the more concentrated and intense the smoke odor can become. Materials which have burned is also important. Different materials leave behind different odors. A fire which burned wood smells different than a fire which affected mostly plastics or a protein fire. The kind of materials affected can influence the products SERVPRO technicians use to get the smoke odor out. 

Our technicians have a large selection of equipment and products which are designed specifically to remove stubborn smoke odors. From hydroxyl generators to ozone machines, eco-friendly odor-busters to powerful odor-destroying chemicals, we are your answer to all your smoke odor removal needs. Our experienced professionals help you pinpoint the problem and figure out the best solution after we arrive at your home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Think of SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane when your home has suffered from a fire of any size. We can get the smoke odors out of your home and prevent additional damages. Call us anytime 24/7 at (509) 474-9144

Here's How Water Damage Should Be Handled

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Step By Step Water Damage Restoration In Spokane

Water serves as a convenience and comfort in your Spokane home, assuming sound plumbing and well-working and maintained appliances. The friendly relationship you have with water can change in an instant when pipes crack, or your hard-working dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine experiences a pump breakdown, rusted bottom, or a supply line breach. Our highly qualified work crews are familiar with all aspects of professional water damage mitigation regardless of the water source.

Fast Response Time

Step one in any water damage remediation in Spokane is a speedy response. Water soaking into structural components, spreading across and into fixtures like carpeting and cabinets, and saturating containers of personal possessions immediately begins a severe destructive process. The faster expert water mitigators attend to the problem, the more likely structural damage halts, and the water-logged personal possessions stand a good chance of restoration to function and appearance.

Assessment and Planning

The SERVPRO team strives to arrive within a few hours of the water event, and the crew chief completes the second step -- a thorough assessment and restoration plan. Moisture measurements and scanning for trapped water caches is step three. Our team defines the work area and establishes baselines for eventual drying goals.

Water Damage Restoration

Step four is water removal, and our familiar green SERVPRO vehicles have all the equipment necessary to pump and extract water. If the electricity is shut down for safety, our trucks carry power generators, so no delay is needed for our employees to start the water exiting your dwelling. Our crew members bring their IICRC training to every job, using effective strategies to get the water out even in hard-to-reach areas between walls and in cavities.

Structural Drying

Once the water evacuates, step five, structural drying, commences. Our team masters the principles of psychrometry, or the science of drying, during mandated training. SERVPRO vehicles again boast all the equipment needed -- air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Getting the balance of air movement, heat, and lowered humidity right is indeed a science. This caused the liquid moisture to vaporize and then condense or absorb within evaporative or desiccant dehumidifiers for disposal.

Deodorizing and Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitization is step six, ensuring that any lingering moisture does not fuel a mold outbreak and that debris dislodged during the flooding and water removal is cleared. If odors are a problem, SERVPRO deodorant specialists use various methods to eliminate the smell, leaving your home fresh.

Rebuild and Repair

Finally, step seven encompasses the tasks needed to restore structures and possessions to “Like it never even happened.” Repair and sometimes rebuilding might be required, services provided by SERVPRO or affiliated contractors.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane provides the technicians and equipment necessary to restore a home suffering from internal water damage. Contact our team at (509) 474-9144 as soon as possible after a water damage event for best outcomes. We're ready for your call anytime 24/7.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane Responds Fast to Your Water Damage

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

These water damage repairs happen even before most drying services

When water damage strikes at a local home in Spokane, SERVPRO leaps into action to bring a rapid response to the situation. These are some of the first things we do in an emergency before we even begin drying out the area.

Hazard Removal

One of the first actions we take in a Spokane home with water damage is to remove hazards from the area. Our experienced technicians know how to identify and safely handle electrical hazards, contaminated materials, sharp objects, and other hazardous elements. As part of this process, we perform:

  • Water clean up around electronics and wall plugs
  • Sewage cleanup, if applicable
  • Chemical and UV sterilization of surfaces

Furniture Stain Removal

SERVPRO can often remove furniture stains, but we must act fast. In many cases, we begin anti-stain treatments before even drying out carpets and other materials. We accomplish this through purpose-made sanitizing and cleaning chemicals for upholstery.

Removing Carpet Pads

We may need to remove carpet padding before proceeding to water removal services. Our technicians do this frequently across Spokane and work fast to minimize damages throughout the process. We can often replace the pad alone while saving the carpet layer.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane can handle your water damage emergency. Call us anytime 24/7 at (509) 474-9144.

Storm Damage on Hard Surface Flooring Need Special Attention

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

Tile floor with loosened tiles due to water damage Although ceramic tiles are water resistant, they are not waterproof and can become loosened. SERVPRO knows how to dry the subfloor. Call us today!

Hard surface flooring covers masonry like ceramic tilings, concrete and resilient tiles. These types of floor material are commonly found in basements, garages, and kitchens of residential homes. A flood or natural disaster can lead to hard surface flooring being exposed to large amounts of water for a significant time.

The impact of flood damage on the floors of your Spokane home largely depends on the installation and material. Concretes are generally porous, which means they can absorb moisture, blister, or crack. Ceramic and resilient tiles resist water well, although installation issues for improper sealing can cause moisture to leak beneath tiles damaging the subfloor below.

  • Concrete floors can often be restored using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum, which reduces moisture content and microbial growth.
  • Asphalt and other resilient tiles may become chalky after exposure to water; however, careful assessment of subfloor with a moisture meter is necessary.
  • Insufficient vapor barriers on Ceramic Tiles can cause the subfloor underneath to warp, leading to cracking. Otherwise, ceramics have a strong resistance to water exposure.

Hard surface flooring is often repairable with the correct technique and equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane for flood damage repair. Our trained technicians are available for your storm damage emergency 24/7 at (509) 474-9144.

When Good Water Heaters Go Bad

6/24/2022 (Permalink)

Drain spout at the bottom of a tank water heater When your tank water heater leaks it can be a huge problem. Let SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane make it "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning Up a Ruptured Water Heater in Your Spokane Home

Tank-style water heaters are still a typical element you can find in most Spokane homes. Many factors begin to work against your water heater from the date it gets installed, including minerals present in the public water systems and consistent minute pressure fluctuations that can stress connectors, threading, and the tank itself. Over the years, your system can throttle down its effectiveness as scaling and buildup occur within the pipes, which can lead to eventual malfunctions.

Between a natural degradation of your water heater and instances like freezing when cold snaps occur, if the contents of your water heater end up in your in your basement it requires fast water removal. Whenever these emergencies occur, you need a team that you can trust to arrive quickly and begin extraction and drying efforts. The sooner these processes can begin, the better protected your basement area or main floor in the house can be.

Addressing the standing water damage before it can penetrate drywall and other materials to affect structural cavities is an important step as well. Once the damage has spread a considerable distance, it becomes more and more challenging to save the space from needing controlled demolition and reconstruction efforts. While we have a team of licensed contractors that can help with these needs, we are always looking to keep costs as low as possible for our customers.

Cleaning up after a water loss incident like this often requires the use of our wet-vacs and extraction wands, as standing water is unlikely to exceed the two inches in depth ideal for more powerful extraction tools in our inventory. Once the excess water has been removed, we can set up multiple air movers along with our dehumidification units to draw out moisture and dry up damaged materials and environments before mold growth or structural deterioration can begin.

With many homes still using tank water heaters, so the threat of this substantial water loss incident always exists. If losses do occur, you can count on our SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane team that has proven that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Give us a call anytime 24/7 at (509) 474-9144.

Proper Handling of Your Toilet Overflow

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

flooding on bathroom floor Sometimes the solution for cleaning up an overflowing toilet is simple. Many times it is not. Don't hesitate to call the professionals at SERVPRO.

It’s happened to everyone. You think all you need to do is jiggle the handle and that messy toilet clog will clear right up, but the next thing you know the water level is rising and you’ve got smelly, foul black water flooding your Spokane, WA bathroom and leaving behind a mess of sewer damage. While it might be tempting to just grab a mop, in truth a flooded toilet can be a much bigger issue when it comes to cleanup and mitigation.

Examine the Issue

For small spills, a few towels and a good spray with sanitizing bathroom cleanser may be all you need. But larger spills can be indicative of a deeper problem requiring the aid of a sewage company or remediation specialist. To determine what kind of issue you’re dealing with, assess the situation:

• How bad is the flooding? Can it be cleaned safely, or does it require a sanitation professional to fully recover the flooded area from sewer damage?
• Has the toilet expelled more water than would normally refill the bowl and tank on flushing? What could be the source of the water?
• If the water is black water, does it seem contaminated with something other than the matter causing the initial clog?
• When flushing previously, have you noticed problems with the bowl draining and refilling in a timely fashion?
• Have these overflows been occurring with more and more frequency, indicating a recurring and possibly worsening problem?

Deal With the Problem

Asking yourself these questions when assessing sewer damage can help you create a safe plan for removing any black water and restoring your bathroom. You may need to use a water vacuum to safely funnel the contaminated water out, as well as looking into replacing linoleum if dirty water has gotten beneath it. A plumber can help you find the source of those clogs and deal with a faulty toilet or any faulty plumbing.

Call us anytime 24/7. Our IICRC certified team is waiting to respond to your water damage emergency.

Visit for more information on water damage

How the Fire Damage Restoration Process Works

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Until a fire tragedy strikes a home or a business without warning, it is hard to figure out what to expect. Fire in business or home calls for the intervention of a professional fire damage restoration team quickly to ensure the residents get back to some degree of normalcy. Here are vital processes employed in a fire damage restoration process.

Emergency Fire Damage Contact

Most commercial fire damage companies like SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane are available 24/7 allowing the property owner to contact them for immediate help.  Professional restoration companies understand that the longer the smoke smell and soot sit unattended, the harder it becomes to fix the problem. Rather than waiting for the fire damage to become worse, it is important to use the emergency contact number.

Damage Assessment

After contacting the SERVPRO fire damage restoration team, the situation should be assessed immediately since soot damage and smoke damage tend to increase as a result of water present in the property. Fire cleanup teams can only design a proper plan of action once they have assessed the extent of fire and soot damage. This step involves seeing how far the fire and the soot have extended, to enable the company to figure out how to handle the problem, and the estimate of the amount it will cost for a thorough fire cleanup process.


Commercial fire damage service providers look for possible avenues the fire and smoke damage would use to worsen the problem. To avoid the chances of water leaking into a property, for instance, the team begins by sealing all holes on the roof or the wall. It would be particularly necessary if the fire in home or fire in business led to the bursting of water pipes.

The Fire Cleanup Process

The next step a fire damage team undertakes is the fire cleanup process. Here, smoke, soot, and dust are cleaned from the surfaces of the property. Normally, occurrences of fire in home or business leave a property charred, stained, and smelling of smoke. This is where the fire damage restoration process is put action since all standing pools of water must be removed and the area sanitized.  During this step, the fire damage team disposes of items that are severely damaged and eliminates smoke smell that tends to linger after smoke damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

The smoke damage and soot damage restoration does not stop at the cleanup stage but goes further to have the property items repaired and restored. For instance, if the carpet has been burned beyond repair, the fire damage service team gets new carpet for replacement, repaints the walls and repairs furniture. Most fire damage companies help in the renovation of a property to get the owner settled back as soon as possible. In fact, the fire damage-restoration service provider should advise the property owner on ways to avoid another occurrence of fire in the home or business in the future. 

Fire damage can be highly destructive, making it critical to use the help of fire damage restoration companies for professional cleaning and restoration.  When left untouched, smoke and soot can result in lingering odors, etching, and discoloration, as well as extensive corrosion.

If you experience fire damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane at 509-474-9144. Their professional fire damage team is available 24/7.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Water Damage Restoration Experts in Spokane

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration in Spokane

Whether caused by a natural disaster or some other reason, water damage can have devastating consequences. The key to minimizing losses associated with water damage is accessing a reliable, reputable water damage mitigation specialist. SERVPRO is a prime example of this type of water cleanup and restoration specialist.

Rapid Emergency Response Mitigation Matters

A person faced with an emergency water damage situation needs immediate assistance. The cold, stark reality is that water damage literally can get worse in a very short time. Minutes matter when it comes to effective water loss damage control.

In and around Spokane, Washington, SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane has gained a reputation for the quality of rapid emergency response it provides to area residents and business owners. Even in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, a skilled SERVPRO cleanup team can be on the scene of a residential or commercial property quickly, 24/7.

Comprehensive Flood Damage Restoration Services

A firm like SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane provides residential and commercial property owners a comprehensive set of flood recovery services. This includes immediately containing water-related issues to halt the progression of damage to complete drying and cleanup services, using the latest technology.

The specialists at SERVPRO are adept at addressing the recovery needs of the premises itself, but also at dealing with the drying and water cleanup associated with personal property on the premises of a water loss event. In any water-related damage situation, valuable and meaningful personal property is likely to be exposed to water.

Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

All of the recovery specialists on the SERVPRO team are well trained and highly experienced. They are appropriately bonded and have been thoroughly screened.

Each team member makes customer satisfaction job one. Each member of the team is committed to containing a the extent of a customer's losses associated with a water-related catastrophe.

Top-Quality Equipment

In addition to a highly experienced team of specialists, SERVPRO utilizes only the latest and most effective equipment and technologies when it comes to water recovery at a home or business. The company knows a home or business owner is putting a very important part of that individual's life into the hands of a SERVPRO specialist. The professional team of recovery specialists at SERVPRO absolutely does not want to disappoint a customer because of this trust and reliance.

Reliable Estimates and Reasonable Pricing

There is no doubt that a home or business owner facing a water-related emergency is somewhat over a barrel when it comes to seeking professional intervention. Typically, a business or home owner is not in a position to shop around or dicker over prices. Such an individual really needs to connect with a honest, trustworthy, reputable, and reasonably priced service provider in the first instance.

SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane has established a solid track record for fairness when it comes to the estimate process. In addition, the company is committed to 100 percent client satisfaction when it comes to its water damage cleanup and restoration services. Visit for more information on water damage. 

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane anytime 24/7 for help with your water damage emergency. You can reach us at 509-474-9144.

Let the Pros Handle Your Water Damaged Home

6/11/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage in a Spokane Home The IICRC certified professionals at SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane are specially equipped to handle water damage quickly and efficiently.

There are many ways water damage happens in a home, and once it does, fast action is the key to limiting loss to both the structure and contents.  

Homeowners in Spokane with water removal needs require more than household fans and towels to clean up water loss from pipe breaks, appliance failures or accidents.  


Industrial-grade equipment makes the difference in a water loss cleanup that is complete or one that leaves behind the potential for issues. Our technicians have access to a broad array of water extraction equipment. The tools used are dependant on the amount of water and surfaces on which they are working. For example, carpeting is not automatically a loss if cleanup actions begin quickly, and the water in the home does not have a rating as a category two or three. Technicians use specialized attachments for pulling moisture out of both carpet and padding for thorough drying in the next phase of mitigation.  

Item by Item Inspection

SERVPRO technicians inspect each item to determine the restoration potential using their knowledge of cleaning and proprietary restoration techniques. This action saves homeowners the cost of replacement and limits loss.  

Professional Drying Equipment 

After water extraction, the use of industrial drying equipment such as centrifugal air movers removes any remaining embedded moisture. Technicians carefully monitor the ambient humidity levels until it meets preset drying goals. This limits both mold and water odors as secondary issues after the completion of water cleanup efforts.  

Cleaning Solutions for Disinfection and Deodorization

Bacteria and residual odors have the potential to be present in the property. SERVPRO technicians hand-clean surfaces with solutions such as their unique Orange cleaner that works as an antibacterial as well as leaving a fresh, citrus scent. After cleaning, if any odors remain in the home, they have various types of equipment to neutralize water odors such as hydroxyl generators or solvent-based thermal fogging.  

When your residence needs water removal, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane at (509) 474-9144. Our certified technicians have both the equipment and experience to make the water loss in your home, "Like it never even happened."


Spokane Storms Can Cause Sewage to Backup Into Your Home

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

n Spokane, WA and other areas of the country, heavy rains can lead to sewer backup problems and flooding. This leaves homeowners to deal with anywhere from an inch or two of contaminated water to several feet of black water in their home. This happens because public drain systems become overburdened with the excess rain water. It may also happen because of new developments in your area, the loss of grassy areas, and changes in weather patterns. What can you do?

• Discuss the possibility of plugging floor drains with a knowledgeable professional. Your plumber should know whether the drain has a purpose and whether plugging it will violate code.
• If you can't plug the drain, install check valves that prevent the backflow of water from the drain.
• Plumbing fixtures, such as basement toilets, must also be fitted with sewer check valves. Otherwise, the rising water levels will simply move from drains to toilets and sinks.
• Install a main house sewer valve. This backwater prevention valve is available in manual and automatic types and will protect your home from black water backing up from the public sewer. When this valve is closed, you won't be able to use your home's plumbing system until the flooding is resolved.
• Schedule routine visits from your plumber to inspect the underground house drain. During a sewer backup, the house drain may not be strong enough to withstand the steps you take to keep sewage out. Older pipes, porous pipe joints, and weakened pipe joints can all defeat the purpose of your preventative steps.
• Consider installing a sump pump. These pumps move water away from your home and are useful during heavy rain. Work with a professional to avoid code violations.
• Inspect the foundation and leaf gutters to be sure they direct water away from your home. The better you can direct water away from your home, the better your chances of avoiding the results of flooding.

These steps can help you avoid serious sewer backup. Learn more from a remediation professional in your area. Visit for more information on water damage

If you've experienced sewage backing up into your home, you'll need a professional cleanup and restoration company--fast. SERVPRO of Northeast Spokane has IICRC Certified Technicians and specialized equipment to safely deal with this hazardous substance. Call us anytime 24/7 and we'll be there to help. Call 509-474-9144.